Subscription Types

Currently, we offer Monthly and Yearly subscriptions.
All Institutions are Required to Register and Subscribe to use this Platform.
Below is a summary of the entire process:


Registering your Institution is the very first thing to do, as this gets your Institution registered on our systems.


If your Institution is approved, proceed to register as an Administrator for your Institution.


Immediately you are approved as an Administrator, proceed to subscribe your Institution for either Monthly or Yearly services.


Upon a successful subscription, log in to access your control panel and start administering your Institution.

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Our Payment System

As at now, our payment system is based on the selected payment mode on our subscription form.
Upon payment mode selection, instructions will be provided as to how payment is to be made.
For instance, if bank is selected as the payment mode, details of our bank and account number will be provided automatically in the details field.
We will be integrating more payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, debit and credit card payment systems with time.

Please note that we require your payment receipt after making payment, so we can verify payment and credit your account accordingly.
Receipt Amount must Match the Specific Subscription Charge. In this regard, no underpayment or overpayment is allowed by our payment verification system.

Again, feel free to contact us if you encounter any issues during this process or if you would like to share your thoughts.

Thanks for your kind understanding.



  • ✓ Conduct extra tuitions
  • ✓ Remote access learning
  • ✓ Easy Access to resources
  • ✓ Easy learning collaboration
  • ✓ Making learning simple
  • ✓ Flexible learning schedules
  • ✓ 24/7 Access to support
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  • ✓ Easily provide materials
  • ✓ Easily give out assignments
  • ✓ Easily assess students
  • ✓ Reduction of paperwork
  • ✓ Secured materials storage
  • ✓ Flexible class schedules
  • ✓ Easily track performance
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  • ✓ Easily Access materials
  • ✓ Learn Anywhere at Anytime
  • ✓ Subscribe to many classes
  • ✓ Access to many resources
  • ✓ Easily submit assignments
  • ✓ Flexible learning schedules
  • ✓ Easily track grades
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  • ✓ Easily manage resources
  • ✓ Easy payment system
  • ✓ Easy communication
  • ✓ Easy performance trackers
  • ✓ Easily manage users
  • ✓ Easily assign teachers
  • ✓ Easily access daily reports
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Latest Updates

For more updates about our current trends, future plans and other latest news, please visit our blog


Live Classroom

In a bid to improve our eLearning environment, we are currently working on putting up a live classroom environment where teachers and students can collaborate through video conferencing. This we believe will facilitate the learning process, especially for weaker students.

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Online Examination

As of 8/23/2024, we will host our online examinations room, where teachers can conduct examinations for students in a very simple manner.

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Social Platform

Hi all! 🤗 We are pleased to inform you that as of today's date, Administrators, Teachers and Students are free to use our Social Media Platform to enhance collaboration between various registered institutions of learning. However, registration is subject to review and approval, in order to ensure that we have the right people and institutions in our social environment.

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