About eLearning Platform

eLearning Platform is a private online syndicate where teachers can provide extra tuition and learning resources to their students all around the globe with ease.

Courses and study materials offered here are for Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary and University school levels.

As an Institutional Learning Platform, we work with Registered Academic Institutions that wants to go the extra mile to provide their students with all the necessary resources required to improve on their academic acheivements.

In this regard, Teachers and Students must be attached to a registered and approved Institution before they can utilize resources provided by this Platform.

  • The Process starts by first Registering as an Institution.

  • Upon approval or disapproval, a notification email will be sent by our management team to the provided Institution's email address.

  • If approved, the Institution's appointed Head can proceed to register as an Administrator to access the Control Panel, where the Institution's Preferences can be set to administer both Teachers and Students.

  • Login Credentials will be sent automatically to the designated Administrator upon approval.

  • At this stage, the Administrator can now subscribe the Institution on either a monthly or yearly basis to start using the platform.

  • Once subscribed, Teachers and Students can register under the Institution to enjoy all services provided.
Please feel free to reach out to us if you have encounter any issues during this process or if you would like to share more positive ideas on how to improve our services or put in a request for specific study materials and other kind of eLearning resources. We will be more than happy to delve further into it to provide maximum satisfaction.


eLearning Platform

Builds a very strong relationship with teachers and students
Provides lifetime accessible classes and resources
Provides easy and flexible user interface
Provides flexible time scheduling of classes
Provides easy billing and payment system

How will Teachers benefit?

✓ Can manage class resources

✓ Check enrolled students list.

✓ Upload notes for students.

✓ Can create assignments

✓ Can grade submitted assignments

How will students benefit?

✓ Can subscribe to any class.

✓ Check subscription status.

✓ Access to class resources

✓ Access noticeboard for updates

✓ Can Submit assignments